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If you find yourself alone in Boston, get excited—the city has plenty to offer for solo travelers. You can wander through decades of history, relax in a cafe with a good book, admire the gorgeous city views and so much more.

The Views

One of Boston’s best features is that you can cover a whole lot in just a few hours of walking. Walking is the ultimate solo activity, and there’s plenty of beautiful places for a reflective stroll in the city. Wander through the Boston Common and Public Garden, the oldest public park in America. Cross over from Boston to Cambridge over the Longfellow bridge and get stunning views of the city skyline. Follow the path along the Esplanade overlooking the Charles River. You can’t go wrong.

The Architecture

Enjoy and unhurried look at some of the oldest and also quirkiest buildings within a few miles of one another. Whether you’re at one of the old cathedrals in the South End, or touring Harvard’s historic brick buildings, or roaming the Boston Public Library, there’s much to enjoy at a leisurely pace.

The Food

The fun part of traveling alone is that you can eat whatever you want without having to consult with someone else. And in Boston, you can find a place for every craving. You can sample your way through the Boston Public Market for the best local eats, wander through the North End for your Italian pastry fix and eat your way through Chinatown.

The Reading Spots

Who doesn’t love getting lost in a good book all by themselves? Bring that book you’ve been saving for your next solo trip and hunker down in one of Boston’s coffee shops—Thinking Cup, Render, Pavement are all Boston favorites and are perfect spot to read. And that’s just indoors—you can stretch out on a patch of grass on the Esplanade or sit on the edge of the harbor at the end of the HarborWalk after grabbing a snack from Quincy Market.

The Tours

If you want to learn about Boston, taking a guided tour—or even going on a self-guided tour if you’re feeling adventures—is a fun way to sit back, relax and soak in the city. Check out the Freedom Trail, the popular Duck Tour, the Boston Public Library tour, and others.

The Live Music

There are plenty of spots to grab a beer and enjoy the city’s musical talent in the evening. After a day of exploring alone, surround yourself with locals over some live music. The Sinclair, the Beehive and Passim are all staples.

The Bookstores

There’s nothing more like a loner’s paradise than a bookstore. Boston is a treasure trove of locally-owned, independent bookstores—from the famed Harvard Book Store in Cambridge, to wildly popular Trident Booksellers and Cafe, to the Brattle Book Shop–you can get lost in these beautiful local gems for hours.

7 Reasons Why Boston Is A Great City For A Solo Trip
The food, the architecture, the cafes, and the neighborhoods make Boston a perfect place to explore for one.