The city of Boston is famous for great athletic franchises and diehard fans. That in combination with New England’s general obsession with hockey makes the Boston Bruins a pretty big deal. In our minds, everybody who visits Boston should check out a game, but there are some of you out there who just don’t have an interest in hockey. To show how going to the B’s at the Garden is an experience beyond the sport, we’ve created a list of 7 reasons why you should go to a Boston Bruins game even if you aren’t a hockey fan.

1.The Fans

Bruins fans have long been considered some of the most passionate and outlandish in all professional sports. On par with London’s soccer hooligans, Boston fans are a spectacle all on their own. Hooting and hollering in the stands with B’s fans is arguably the only reason you need to attend a game.

2.Rene Rancourt

Rene Rancourt steps out onto the Bruins’ ice every single home game sporting a mustache, bow-tie and full tuxedo to sing the national anthem. Putting his heart and soul into every lyric of the Star Spangled Banner and sometimes right into O Canada, Rancourt always steals the show.

3. The Garden

The Bruins play at the TD Banknorth Garden where there honestly isn’t a bad seat in the entire house. Hosting the Boston Celtics as well, this venue has all of the upscale accommodations you need. Delicious food, lush private boxes and all the paraphernalia in the world, it’s an exciting atmosphere for hockey fans and non-hockey fans alike.

4. The History

One of the NHL’s original six teams, the Boston Bruins are among the most storied franchises in sports. Going to a game is an exploration of Boston culture and the team’s rich history. The Garden is filled with old paraphernalia and banners, making it somewhat of a museum as well as an arena.

5. The Montreal Canadiens

The Bruins and the Montreal Canadiens have an incredible and fierce rivalry. If you’re lucky enough to get tickets to a matchup between the two, you should go to the Garden and experience the intense energy of the fans and players. It’s a pretty fascinating picture of human passion.   

6.  Drinking With Friends

Much like going to a bar, attending a Bruins game is a great excuse to knock back a few with friends and family. With everybody in the stands in cheerful, gametime spirit, a night at the Garden is simply an enjoyable social experience.

7. There’s No Better Way to Fall in Love with the Game

For those of you out there who aren’t hockey fans, perhaps you’ve just never been in the right environment to fall in love with the game. Considering all that the Bruins have to offer, this is the place for non-hockey fans to fall in love with the game.

image @nhlbruins