Best Parks in Boston

As we sit on the brink of the summer season, everybody is looking to enjoy the warm sun outdoors in the best parks in Boston. While the concrete foundation of Boston may not be the most inviting atmosphere to take in the heat, this classic American city has a variety of beautiful parks for summer activities. To find out some areas where you can take off your shoes, lay in the grass or lean up against a great big tree, read on and learn about some of our favorite parks in Boston.

The Boston Common

Located in the heart of downtown, the Boston Common is arguably the city’s most famous and beloved park. Surrounded by the wonderful Downtown Crossing shopping district and a beautiful colonial neighborhood of Beacon Hill, the Common’s location is prime for accessing some of the most enjoyable parts of the city. The park also neighbors the gorgeous Public Gardens and the historical Freedom Trail.

Several trees and small hills highlight the park and offer many options for sitting out in the sun. With several eateries and food trucks in and around the park, it’s a great place to spend a day.

The Arboretum

Jamaica Plain is one of Boston’s oldest and most storied neighborhoods. Filled with rich culture and a hip artistic scene, this beloved area is also home to one of the grandest natural escapes in the city.

Harvard University’s Arnold Arboretum is a wooded park filled with natural wonder. The trees and plant life offer fresh air and an absolutely breathtaking visual aesthetic. This local getaway provides the rare experience of being fully immersed in nature while still being a mere subway ride away from all of the other attractions Boston has to offer.

The Fens

Just down the road from the historic Fenway Park, the Fens are one of Boston’s most well-known and beloved outdoor escapes. This park offers a variety of ways for visitors to enjoy the outdoors.

The Community Gardens in the Fens have an intricate maze of paths and walkways for anybody to admire the natural growth instituted by local gardeners. Another natural haven in this park is the gorgeous Kellecher Rose Garden. Other interesting sites include Korean, Vietnam and World War II memorials. Astroturf and grass playing fields are also scattered amongst the park’s trees and ponds for some free outdoor exercise and fun.
This wonderful outdoor spot is an example of all the beauty and welcoming presence of all parks in Boston.