watching game at bar

Despite all of the hubbub surrounding Deflate Gate, nobody can deny that the New England Patriots are one of the best teams in football. As we at The Boxer Boston prepare for our hometown team’s appearance in the Sunday’s Super Bowl, we’d like our guests to be equally prepared for the showdown.

The city of Boston is sure to be the best place to be during the most popular sporting event on television. To watch the game with all of the local fans and hooligans, read on and enjoy our best places to watch the Super Bowl in Boston.

The Fours

Located just steps from The Boxer Boston, The Fours is a classic and beloved local sports bar. Filled with classic merchandise from Boston’s favorite teams, a menu that names signature dishes after local legends and sports heroes, and an excellent bar, the Fours epitomizes local spirit. The Fours is sure to be filled with Patriots fans the night of the Super Bowl with the game showing on all of the bar’s many large TVs.


Hurricane O’Reilly’s

Hurricane O’Reilly’s is a classic Irish Pub in Boston. Groups of local fans always fill up this great bar near TD Garden, and the Super Bowl promises to attract the same passionate crowd. Their website cites The Boston Herald, which called Hurricane O’Reilly’s “the best place to watch a sports game without actually being there.” That being said, you certainly can’t go wrong watching the Super Bowl at this beloved establishment.

Red Hat

Red Hat is a bit more low-key than our other suggestions for the best places to watch the Super Bowl in Boston. This cool bar and restaurant sits in the gorgeous Beacon Hill neighborhood. Red Hat provides everything you need to enjoy the Super Bowl, including several television sets, its own brand of beer and 15-cent hot wings. Most importantly, it’s right here in Boston where the whole town will be tuned in for this Sunday’s Super Bowl matchup between the New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks.

For Super Bowl-weekend accommodations near Downtown Boston, look no further than the Boxer Boston.