From the high-end sushi spots on Newbury Street, to fast-casual sushi joints in Cambridge, the Boston area has several places where you can satisfy your sushi craving. Here are some options for the best sushi in Boston:

Thelonious Monkfish

Located in the heart of Central Square, Thelonius, an Asian-fusion restaurant, is a neighborhood favorite. Offering a vast menu, as well as live jazz music on some weeknights, it’s a hit. Thelonious themed rolls are named after everything from fairy tales (The Frog Prince Roll) to famous music (Off-Key Marie). Go with a group and order a party boat, which comes a few variety of sushis from everyone to share.

Thelonious Monkfish. 524 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA. (617) 441-2116

Cafe Sushi

For over thirty years, Cafe Sushi has been a staple of the Cambridge area. Known for the phenomenal seasonal menus, Cafe Sushi offers traditional style pressed sushi, sashimi, makimono and more. Make sure to try the unique ice cream flavors for dessert, like the adzuki bean or black sesame.

Cafe Sushi. 1105 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA. (617) 492-0434

PABU Boston

The first PABU opened in San Francisco, and now this modern, high-end sushi experience can be had in downtown Boston. This Izakaya-style restaurant is located in the Millennium Tower and offers award-winning sushi by Chef Ken Tominaga. You can order two- or three-piece sushis or choose from their rolls menu.

PABU. 3 Franklin St, Boston, MA. (857) 327-7228

Fin’s Sushi and Grill

This casual sushi spot has it all—nigiri, sashimi, cooked, uncooked and even gluten-free sushi options. The menu offers the classic options as well as fun twists, like the Cowboy roll with sirloin steak and the Flamingo roll made with cream cheese and kiwi.

Fin’s Sushi and Grill. 240 Cambridge St, Boston, MA. (617) 227-2277

Avana Sushi

You can find Avana tucked away in Chinatown. Surf Clam, Raw Mackerel, BBQ Eel and Octopus are just a handful of what you can order. It’s just a few minutes of a walk from the Boston Commons–so grab your sushi to go and have a picnic under the sun.

Avana Sushi. 42 Beach St., Boston, MA. (617) 818-7782. 58 Franklin St Boston, MA. (617) 423-5000.