A marketplace, iconic tourist attraction, and hub of some of Boston’s oldest bars and restaurants, Faneuil Hall is more than worth a visit. For those of you looking for specifics, let’s begin with what there’s an abundance of—food. Here are five things you need to eat at Faneuil Hall.

Corned Beef & Cabbage Egg Rolls at Ned Devine’s

A popular Irish Pub in Faneuil, Ned Devine’s is great for a night out dancing to live music and a good bite to eat. Fusing Boston’s Irish pride with an ever-loved Chinese recipe, they make a corned beef & cabbage egg roll that’s crunchy, salty, cheesy, and sweet when dipped in some Thousand Island.

A Cup from Boston Chowda Co.

Beantown is known for New England clam chowder and there are few better places to sample the creamy, chewy stew than at Faneuil Hall. Boston Chowda Co. is a family owned proprietor with chunky chowder, bread bowls and a divine lobster roll if you need a main course.

Roast Prime Rib at Durgin Park

Durgin Park is a spin off from one of Peter Faneuil’s original waterfront marketplaces, the oldest of which dates back to the mid 1700s. You can’t go wrong with its seafood options, but our favorite menu item is the thick-cut roast prime rib, widely considered one of the best steaks in Boston.

Buffalo Chicken Pizza at Clarke’s at Faneuil Hall

This sports bar and restaurant is a Faneuil Hall staple. It doesn’t specialize in Italian food or anything, but its buffalo chicken pizza is just so good. Plenty of normal pub food and beer to have otherwise, but we just need to suggest trying one of its buff-chick pies for a delicious evening.

Ma Calvin’s Boston Baked beans at Cheers

Yes, it’s a chain-restaurant inspired by a television show, but it was a Boston program, so eating at Cheers in Faneuil Hall has a little extra appeal. Its baked beans are a city classic, and only by trying them will you understand why our nickname is Beantown.