Sitting in the heart of Downtown Boston, just a short stroll from the Boxer Boston, you’ll find Boston Common, the oldest park in the United States. Every day, joggers, picnickers, schoolchildren and businesspeople stroll through the grassy stretch that slopes up from the Back Bay to Beacon Hill. Here are five things we love about the Boston Common.

The Freedom Trail

Stretching throughout the whole city, the Freedom Trail is a pathway to some of Boston’s most historic and revolutionary attractions. Learn the history of the Common and then follow the red brick trail to other sites around town.

The Frog Pond

In summer time it’s a refreshing walk-in fountain for splashing; come winter, it’s an iconic ice skating rink. In the heart of the Common, the Frog Pond is a local favorite, and always has an entertaining crowd of families no matter the season.

The Hill

The northeastern end of the Common is a steady incline leading up to the State House and Beacon Hill. These semi-vertical patches of grass serve great for sunbathing and watching the scene of the city unfold around you. In winter months, sledding down the slopes is a must!

The Gazebo

Nothing ties a park together like a gazebo. Boston Common’s Parkman Banstand is a beautiful and sizable marble structure, is a spot where many students have kissed, bands have played, and celebratory rallies have gathered around.

The Surroundings

Boston Common is surrounded by some of the city’s favorite attractions. On one end, there’s the Public Garden—the country’s first botanic garden, with its Swan Boats and Make Way for Ducklings fame—and Newbury Street—Boston’s prettier version of Fifth Avenue. On the other, there’s the regal State House and Beacon Hill townhomes along with the hustle and bustle of Downtown Crossing.