Just across the river, a short ride on the T’s Red Line, Cambridge is a can’t-miss destination for your Boston travels. Known world-round for being home to Harvard University and MIT, this city that feels like a neighborhood has a lot more to offer than just its top-brass education. Looking for specifics? Here are five things we love about Cambridge.

Harvard Square

Harvard Square is the cultural hub of Cambridge. Charming red-brick buildings and plazas and an abundance of shops and restaurants make it an easy place to spend an afternoon.

Mount Auburn Cemetery

While burial grounds aren’t normally our favorite places to send guests, Mount Auburn is a sight well worth seeing. Sugar maples and scarlet oaks dot the beautiful cemetery, which also holds a Ben Franklin Memorial and abstract sculptures. The green space is a bird-lover’s paradise as well, and is a key player in Boston’s birding scene.

Charles River

Guests of the Boxer Boston can mosey over to Boston’s Esplanade along the Charles River. While in Cambridge, you have the same luxury, but with the entire Boston skyline thrown into the mix.

Harvard Museum of Natural History

With revered institutions comes highly sought-after culture. The Harvard Natural History Museum is a fascinating adventure with dinosaur skeletons, natural stones and gems from around the world and fabulous rotating exhibitions.

Central Square

Much like that other Cambridge square, Central Square is a charming collection of shops, bars and restaurants. Read a book with local students in a coffee shop, go to a concert or have a walk around this beloved little section of Cambridge.