Portrait of positive adult brunette woman in art museum

The cultivation of art is something that never sleeps in Boston and that’s not just because of the Museum of Fine Arts (MFA)’s overnight events. Artistic creativity and exploration have always allowed this city to inspire beyond its boundaries. Continuing this tradition, here are new exhibits in Boston to explore on your next visit.

“Uh-Oh” September 17, 2016 – January 29, 2017

This is the MFA’s biographical look into the heart of Los Angeles-based artist Frances Stark’s 25-year career. At this exhibit, you’ll experience the artist’s reflections  on literature, music, art, sex, and class, presented in the forms of carbon copy drawings and word art.

“William Merritt Chase” October 09 2016 – January 16, 2017

This traveling exhibition takes important works from this American painter to Boston for fall and early winter. The landscape, impressionist works have long been part of the Phillips Collection in DC, making their appearance in New England something to be valued amongst art lovers.

Museum of Science
“Da Vinci—The Genius”October 23, 2016 – Ongoing

Tour this new exhibit filled with the many inventions and artistic works of Leonardo Da Vinci. From a high-definition re-creation of The Last Supper to animation representations of Vitruvian Man, it’s sure to be a hit for science, history, and art nerds alike.

“The Artist’s Museum”
NOV 16, 2016 – MAR 26, 2017

This exhibit of practical philosophy interrogates how what we collect connects and inspires us. Come see how several artist independently remix works of the 20th Century using the motifs of our digital age. More than homage, this collection brings together artists who breathe new life into their favorite works through animation, film, and photography.