Best Restaurants in Boston’s Little Italy— Known by Most as the North End

little italy boston

The northern crest of Boston hosts many of the city’s defining elements. The picturesque Zakim Bridge brings traffic right past the TD Garden, where the Boston Celtics and Bruins play their home games, and into one of the most famous neighborhoods in town. The North End is a small, dense collection of old brick buildings, culture and inhabitants dating back over three hundred years and arguably the best Italian food in New England and beyond. Known for the abundance of incredible Italian restaurants all within less than a square mile of one another, the North End has hands down claimed ownership of Boston’s Little Italy scene. With such close proximity to the Boxer, we’ve decided to lay out a short list of some of the best restaurants in the North End.


This quaint little restaurant is a great place to start when seeking out the cozy, intimate, family-style themes that make the North End such a lovely place to dine. Sitting up to 45 people, Panza sometimes makes it difficult to tell whether you’re eating amongst strangers or long lost relatives at a family reunion. Their signature Veal Panza dish comes soaked in a balsamic marsala and is absolutely out of this world. Some other Panza favorites include the seafood risotto and grilled lobster.

La Summa

Spelled how many Bostonians pronounce the word summer, La Summa maintains local personality in a less stereotypical fashion. This eatery in Boston’s Little Italy is the epitome of quality and the rich flavors that make Italian cuisine some of the most sought after fare in the world. Some favorites include the grilled veal chops and pappardelle with eggplant. Again, this restaurant maintains a cozy and friendly atmosphere to accent their delicious list of menu items.

Anthony’s Cafe

When people in Boston talk about the North End, they rarely mention going out to breakfast. However, top notch early morning cuisine is also readily available in the culinary kingdom’s arsenal. Anthony’s Cafe is a reputable location with classic early morning diner food. Serving up large omelets stuffed with fresh ingredients and delicious coffee, Anthony’s is the perfect way to look at North End eating with a unique perspective.