Boy On Trip To Museum Looking At Map And Writing In Notebook

From world-leading museums to unique local shows and classic attractions, Beantown has plenty of fun things to do with the whole family. Here are some of the best kid-friendly attractions in Boston that the whole family can enjoy:

Boston Children’s Museum

As it’s name suggests, this museum is not just kid-friendly, it’s kid-focused! With a goal of both educating and entertaining children of all ages, the Children’s Museum features several permanent exhibits: kids can explore a real Japanese townhouse, work with hand tools at Johnny’s Workbench, channel their inner primate at the three-story New Balance climbing structure, and much more. The museum also holds a vast collection of rare and beautiful objects from all over the world including everything from Ancient World artifacts to natural history displays and Japanese relics.

308 Congress St, Boston

Blue Man Group

Without a doubt one of the most exciting and kid-friendly performances in Boston, the Blue Man Group has been entertaining viewers for 25 years. Described on their Boston site as a combination of “music, technology and comedy,” the Blue Men’s antics are fun for all ages. For those who want to be in the center of the action, guests in section AA of the theater are given a complimentary poncho, as the show can get messy with paint throwing demonstrations. Nowhere else can children and adults alike enjoy a show fillled with vibrant colors, drums, and many, many rolls of toilet paper.

74 Warrenton St, Boston

Franklin Park Zoo

For a fun family-day exploring the animal kingdom, the Franklin Park Zoo is home to tons of exhibits and attractions. In addition to breath-taking habitats like Kalahari Kingdom and Bird’s World, the zoo offers attractions like the Camel Trek, the chance to ride atop a dromedary camel, and the Aussie Aviary, where children can feed hundreds of “budgies” with the help of a seed stick. If your kids have some extra energy, the 10,000-square-foot playground with animal-inspired features is the perfect place for them.

1 Franklin Park Rd, Boston

Museum of Science

Boston’s Museum of Science is another exciting, educational location for the youngest of Boxer guests. Interactive exhibits like “Science in the Park,” a room where children can better understand the physics of simple everyday tasks, and the “Discovery Center” allow children to play and learn at the same time. The museum’s Mugar Omni Theater, a five-story, state-of-the-art movie screen allows visitors a consuming experience films like “Dolphins,” “Wild Africa,” and “Adrenaline Rush: The Science of Risk.”

1 1 Science Park, Boston, MA

Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum

One of Boston’s newest educational attractions, the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum offers a unique, interactive way to learn America’s revolutionary history. Young visitors will be thrilled to become a patriot for the day as they re-enact the historical night and hurl tea chests overboard on the authentically restored Tea Party Ship. The museum also utilizes 3D hologram technology to teach guests about the pivotal events that  occurred in 1773, a feature that is sure to amaze you and your young ones.

Congress Street Bridge, Boston, MA