Delicious and Storied. Our Favorite Boston Bookstores


Boston’s colonial splendor and constant rush of eager young minds darting through the streets towards classrooms and promising careers provides the city with a certain literary allure that flies under the radar of its most spoken about traits. However, there is something poetic and timeless about this great New England town. As a result of this theme, Boston has acquired and produced some absolutely lovely, accommodating and special bookstores. To provide current and prospective Boxer patrons a bit of guidance, we’ve decided to share a short list of our favorite bookstores in Boston.

 Trident Booksellers and Café

 Located in Boston’s quaint and beloved Back Bay neighborhood, Trident offers customers the most wholesome experience of any bookstore in town. With an extraordinary collection of discount and new books and magazines, this shop takes service two steps further with comfortable reading areas and one of the most delicious café menus in all of Boston. From an apple brie omelette to a Portobello quesadilla, the delicious dining options are plentiful, vast and geared towards all meals. Trident is an excellent spot to just walk around, or sit down and read, or pick up a great meal.

 Commonwealth Books

 Sitting in the heart of downtown Boston near the Commons and Park Street, Commonwealth Books is arguably the most central and respected bookstore around. With over 40,000 titles in shop, the opportunity for discovery is about as enticing as it gets. Commonwealth holds some incredibly old literature and other artworks dating back as far as the 1600’s. Commonwealth provides patrons the opportunity to finger through the history of written words in a leisurely browsing atmosphere. There are some amazing finds in these stacks.

 Brattle Book Shop

 Brattle is one of the most well known and beloved of Boston’s literary shopping venues. Considered one of the oldest and largest used book shops in the country,  Brattle extends its run through a tradition of mass collection and premium organization. With three floors filled with used reads, antiquarian books, dollar novels, etc. The Brattle is a great place to get lost for an afternoon. Truly capturing Boston’s literary essence, the Brattle offers an excellent peek into the world of Boston’s best bookstores.