Boston is an artful and well-decorated city. The best way to discover the best street art and community murals in town is to hit the pavement and explore yourself. To give you some starting points, here are some of the coolest community murals in town.

Faces of Dudley

Located in Roxbury’s Dudley Square, “Faces of Dudley” is one of the most recognizable and original murals in the city. Depicting portraits of Malcolm X and other notable figures from the area it’s filled with local inside references, as well as rich, detailed artistry.

Roxbury Love

Another Roxbury gem of a mural, Warren Street’s Roxbury Love is a colorful striped design with the title written and a portrait of Nelson Mandela pointing to his temple in between the two words. Mandela is in black and white, while the design behind him has colors that are suited for an A Tribe Called Quest album cover.

Beautify Earth

Located in the neighborhood of Allston, Beautify Earth is a relatively new mural commissioned by local clothing company Zappos, and painted by Massachusetts native Zachary Nolin. Showing two profiles of human heads—one filled with a blue sky, the other a black, star-filled one—and a warm sunny energy broken into pieces between them, it’s thoughtful and unique.

Graffiti Wall

A popular spot for travelers and art lovers, this small alleyway in Cambridge has been an open canvas for street artists since 2007. An ever-evolving public mural where paint goes over paint, over more paint, it’s a beautiful sight in a charming, historic neighborhood.

Nieli’ka Mural

Nielika is traditional art from Huichol, which is an indigenous group of Mexico. Brought to the neighborhood of Jamaica Plain by the Mayor’s Mural Crew, this colorful example of the art form comes with many images of flowers, butterflies, and faces set against a bright, purple backdrop.