Father And Son Look At Artifacts In Case On Trip To Museum

Visiting Boston’s Museum of Science is always an adventure for adults and children. Educational and entertaining, this landmark is a great place to learn about the scientific happenings of the world, and it is never boring. If you like dinosaurs, IMAX films, or learning about the solar system, the Museum of Science is the place for you. Read on for some highlights from this memorable museum to consider for your next visit:

“The Polar Express” in 4D

See the legendary film “The Polar Express” in an interactive adventure at the 4-D Theater in the Blue Wing. This unforgettable film will be brought to life with a thrilling and immersive 3-D display with multi-sensory 4-D effects, and it is an inspired choice for young children and their families. Experience the magic of this hallmark film through January 2nd.

IMAX films at the Mugar Omni Theater

The Mugar Omni Theater is home to a five-story-tall IMAX dome screen for optimal viewing of IMAX films about such subjects as a journey to space, dolphins, and extreme weather. Get a close-up and interactive view of some of the most visually stunning images ever captured on film. This experience is certain to please both younger children and adults with its breathtaking visuals.

Butterfly Garden

The Butterfly Garden is a truly exhilarating experience for those who want to learn more about butterflies. Watch as butterflies of all types fly through the air as you walk through their natural habitat. This exhibit is an exciting way to interact with beautiful creatures as you learn about how they emerge, grow and survive.

Planetarium Shows in the Charles Hayden Planetarium

The Planetarium is the perfect place to learn about outer space and what is happening in our exciting universe. Learn about the moons and the planets, and gain valuable insight about our universe and beyond. These fun and educational shows promise to enlighten you about the inner workings of space.

Thrill Ride 360

This singular exhibit allows you to truly experience events like rollercoasters and flying over Boston, complete with all the twists and turns you would notice by actually doing so. Thrill Ride 360 takes you along for the ride by projecting a digital film and moving your seat along with the events on screen. This is an interactive experience that will bring your adventure to life!