whiskey and natural ice on old wooden table

Finch, the Boxer Boston’s restaurant, offers modern American fare in a cozy environment that has a perfect combination of contemporary and vintage elements. Though breakfast, brunch, and dinner are truly delicious, we would like to focus on one of the restaurant’s distinct experiences, its whiskey flights:

Whiskey Flight Make-Up:

We caught up with Aaron, one of the whiskey enthusiasts behind the bar, and he explained how the average flight is put together. At Finch, 1.25 ounces of each brand are poured into mini mason jars and placed onto a wooden flight tray for a vintage look. Typically whiskey flights are structured to include a variety of whiskeys, and this is certainly the case at Finch.

The first sample in a flight is generally a white whiskey, meaning that it has not been aged in oak barrels and therefore does not have the amber color many are used to. The next choice is often a frontier-style whiskey that has been aged for a relatively short time, around 3-5 years. The final two in the Finch flights are more complex and are aged for a longer time, giving the taster a full range of flavors and compositions.


Finch offers two tiers of flights featuring whiskeys of varying ages, aging techniques, and styles.

The Crafty 101 Flight

The cheaper flight of the two includes:

  • Koval, a white whiskey that George Washington made in in his Virginia distillery.
  • Uprising, an American single-malt whiskey distilled from a stout beer.
  • Redemption Rye, made with 95% rye, and WhistlePig, a Vermont whiskey that contains a variety of flavor notes.

The Not for Novices Flight

This flight includes:

  • Hudson, a silky smooth white whiskey.
  • Last Feather Rye by Journeyman Distillery, a rye and wheat mix matured in white oak-charred barrels.
  • Woodford Reserve, a bourbon with Caramel, cocoa and maple notes.
  • Hillrock, aged through a complex process called Solera aging.

Interview with Aaron the Bartender

What is your personal favorite whiskey included in the flights?

My favorite is definitely the Last Feather Rye. Journeyman Distillery chose its location in Three Oaks, Michigan because of the lack of water filtration there. This means that the water used to distill the whiskey is full of natural minerals that give it a unique taste. It’s a truly small-batch whiskey that has a unique flavor.

Why is whiskey your favorite spirit?

It’s my favorite because each one is different from the next. With other liquors like Vodka, they all taste so similar and are actually typically rated based on how little flavor or bite they have. With whiskey, flavor is key and there are so many different styles that you can try a different brand every time and you’ll never get bored.

Alternative Finch Whiskey Drinks

For those who appreciate whiskey cocktails more than drinking it straight, Finch has a Whiskey Sour and a Sazerac on the menu. The classic whiskey sour is made with Lexington Bourbon, lemon, lime, and sugar for a delicious flavor balance. The Sazerac consists of Bulleit Rye, absinthe, Peychaud’s bitters, sugar, and an orange twist, and is the first cocktail invented in America.