fall in boston

Did you know that Plymouth Plantation, Salem, Massachusetts, Walden Pond and New England’s largest cornfield maze are all a short drive away from Boston? There are a number of fun and easy day trips just a few hours away from the Boston that will let you take a quick breather and take in all that New England has to offer.

Plymouth Plantation
After a 6-hour drive to Plymouth, Massachusetts, you can be at the center of where so much rich history took place. View Plymouth Plantation, Plymouth Rock and the Mayflower II, and there are a number of family friendly and educational events this fall, making it an enjoyable trip for the entire family.

Salem, Massachusetts
Salem, Massachusetts is best known as the home of the infamous witch hunt which took place in 1692. The Salem Witch Museum offers a telling glimpse into the hysteria which swept through this small town in 1692. The Witch Dungeon Museum also offers yet another take, complete with actors. Salem is also home to the New England Pirate Museum and with the smell of the sea salt in the air it’s fun to fanaticize that at one point notorious pirates could be found just off the North Shore coastline.

Walden Pond

Tucked away in the heart of Concord, Massachusetts is Walden Pond. This pond served as an inspiration to Henry David Thoreau’s famed Walden; or, Life in the Woods where he penned such famous reflections as ““I have never found a companion that was so companionable as solitude.” The famous pond is just a 30 minute drive from Boston.

Mega Maze
Davis Farmland in Sterling Massachusetts is home to New England’s biggest cornfield maze. With over 8 acres of winding cornfields it’s a great fall day trip destination that is only 10 minutes outside of Boston.