Boston is an exciting city to visit this time of year—holiday decorations, and parties are livening up the city all month long. For those of you in town who want to bring some of this charm back with you, here’s a list of the best spots to find a Boston gift for the holidays:

Faneuil Hall Marketplace

Arguably one of the most quintessentially-Boston spots, Faneuil Hall is a great place to find all things Bostonian for the history lovers or city people in your life. Christmas in Boston, a retailer that has been around for years, is a one-stop shop for all of your stocking stuffer needs.

Faneuil Hall Marketplace. 4 S Market St., Boston, MA. (617) 523-1300

SOWA Vintage Market

SoWa is one of the most beloved artistic centers in Boston. Their vintage market is a treasure trove of all kinds of unique finds—from furniture to clothing to records, art, maps and other collectible items. This Bostonian market is a great place to find an unexpected, unforgettable gift.

SoWa Vintage Market. 450 Harrison Ave., Boston, MA.

Fenway Park

There might not be anything more “Boston” than a Red Sox game. Get tickets to a baseball game at the legendary Fenway Park this spring for your sports loving family member or friend to experience the magic of a Fenway game, and make it a fun getaway weekend.

Fenway Park. 4 Yawkey Way, Boston, MA. (866) 820-4553.

MBTA Gifts

If you know any locals or commuters or future travelers, gift them with a train—but not just any train. You can get them an MBTA train, the oldest public transportation system in America. Choose between the green or blue line, and even some commuter rail models. You can also find Boston-themed coasters, maps and plenty of other Bostonian paraphernalia.

MBTA Gifts. 1735 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA. (617) 497-0737

Ivy League Apparel

You can hardly walk more than a few blocks in the city without passing by a kiosk selling Harvard hats, T-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, keychains. Gift an aspiring scholar in your life with paraphernalia from America’s number one university.

The Harvard Shop. 52 JFK Street Cambridge, MA. (617) 864-3000