The beginning of September always brings the mayhem of thousands of move-ins to the city of Boston. Whether you’re coming to drop off a student going to one of the many colleges in this town, or moving into your own apartment, there’s a lot to be anxious about. To help ease your stress, we put together a short guide on how to survive move-in weekend in Boston.

Move In Early Or Late

One way to sidestep all of the chaos of move-in weekend is to avoid it altogether. Talk to your landlord and see if the previous tenants are staying all the way through August. Or, swallow the first few days of your lease, and wait to move in after the city has calmed down.

Pack Light

By minimizing your moving load, you can have a more efficient and shorter move-in day. For example, don’t break your back moving an old bed into the city just to have it only last a year or two. Save yourself the labor and time and spring for a new bed once the move-in is finished. A few nights on an air mattress never killed anyone.

Enlist a Patient Driver

If your dad is always getting road rage and complaining about not being able to find a parking spot, don’t let him drive. Move-in day in Boston is a lot of double parking, a lot of taking it around the block, and a lot of patience. Choose whoever is best suited for the role to man the wheel when your time comes.

Plan To Reward Yourself

Plan a nice dinner at an old Italian restaurant in the North End, or a seafood restaurant by the Seaport for the end of your day. If the whole team can look forward to a hearty, delicious reward, it will make the sweat and heartache easier to handle.

Don’t Rush, Stay Awhile

Moving in slowly is always easier than going in one rushed effort. Grab a room at the Boxer Boston Hotel and take your time moving in, and exploring the city, and enjoying a little luxury to dilute the angst that comes with the task at hand.

Discover the Best of Boston

Once you’ve settled in, it’s time to explore your city! Check out the Boxer Boston’s local recommendations on the best things to do in Boston on our blog.