HHM Bulfinch Hotel, Boston


No one knows Boston better than the employees at the Boxer Hotel, and the hotel’s Food and Beverage Manager, Mackenzie Loff, has made it her lifelong mission to uncover the city’s most exceptional restaurants and bars.  We asked Loff to share her insider-knowledge of the historic city with the unflinchingly modern, refined, and energetic culinary scene.

“I love all the little Italian places in the North End,” said Loff. “They are all great for an antipasti platter and a glass of wine; my favorite meal!” While any trattoria or bistro in the timeless North End neighborhood is guaranteed to have a great selection of regional Italian fare—and a wine menu to match—you don’t need to head all the way to the waterfront to get it.

“I also really enjoy Toro in the South End [for] a tapas-style meal. I think it’s always better to have lots of little things that are all different, as opposed to one main dish.” This award-winning restaurant impresses with their Spanish tuna belly, yellowtail hamachi tartare, and classic (shareable) paellas.

Of course, there’s more to Boston than food. The burgeoning coffee culture is just as delicious. “I’d definitely get up early and grab a cup of coffee before taking a nice walk around the Common.” Grab a latte from Thinking Cup Coffee, or a flavored brew from Boston Common Coffee.

Mackenzie’s love for the city is undeniable. “Boston has a personality that is very unique. The people here are passionate about their city and everything in it. Every neighborhood has a different vibe, so it’s really like getting several small cities in one. It definitely keeps things interesting!”