couple taking a selfie together in Boston

We’re approaching the end of January, and there’s no better way to march full steam into 2020 than by booking a trip on National Plan for Vacation Day. Join a world of fellow travelers committing to getting away this year, and start planning your special Boston vacation today. The annual booking celebration takes place on the last Tuesday of every January, and it will fall on the 28th this year. 

Here at the Boxer, we aren’t only looking out to the calendar on our computer, we are also looking at the Zodiac calendar, and how our lovely destination attracts such a wide range of wonderful personality types.  

Boston’s An Especially Choice Fit For These Signs:

Virgo For The Variety & Culture

We’ll begin with Virgos, because these highly organized and pragmatic souls are most likely to think ahead, and book a Boston getaway on National Plan for Vacation Day. Their thoughtful approach to traveling will complement the numerous options for filling an itinerary in Beantown. Some of these experiences include exploring the Institute of Contemporary Art, seeking out the best cannoli in the North End, and taking a sail along the Charles River. 

Aquarius For Color & Passion

Our Aquarius friends out there will truly click with the inherent underdog spirit of Boston. You’ll go to Bruins and Celtics games at the nearby TD Garden, and you’ll revel at the arena-rocking passion of the fanbase. Progressive and artful scenes in nearby Cambridge and Allston will keep you fed with good music, vibrant murals, and a world of international eats. 

Taurus For Decadence & Deliciousness

The Taurus is known as a person who tends to take the time to enjoy the finer things in life. Travelers born in this range would do well with booking one of the luxurious suites here at The Boxer Boston Hotel. Beyond that, they could indulge in hearty pastas and rich wines at countless of the nearby North End Italian restaurants. Add on extravagant seafood platters at restaurants like Neptune Oyster, and Atlantic Fish Co, and you’ve got one satisfied Taurus. 

Staying With The Boxer Boston Hotel 

The Boxer Boston offers a blend of luxury and culture that makes it an ideal place for any sign planning a trip on this National Plan for Vacation Day. Book here to check out our variety of guestrooms and suites.  


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