Early Morning, Freezing Cold Fun with the November Project Boston

Woman Running Morning

The brisk wonder of New England autumn is already showing signs of harshening. The wind’s cool whistle is changing into an aggressive bite. This time of year often sends Boston’s pedestrians hightailing it into cozy living rooms and warm, indoor social engagements. While many of these escapes are lovely, they’re not the only options. There are some people who get out in the cold, they move around in it, early in the morning while the rest of Boston sleeps. During your stay at the Boxer, it may be a memorable, life changing effort to wake up one morning and join the November Project.

This free fitness collective was born in Boston as a direct response to the cold weather months currently approaching. The concept is simple. November Project’s blog sends out information on different workouts, in different places around the city. Prospective attendees need to get this information and then just show up. The workouts vary putting participants through a wide range of calisthenics, running and crossfit style exercises. With most of the participants working throughout the day, these gatherings tend to take place early in the morning, around 630 or so. The fight against cold and sleep does help to instill a sense of communal effort and attention towards physical well being amongst the groups.

The November Project was conceived in Boston and continues to thrive there today. Starting out with just a few participants, the project has since spiralled into an incredibly popular workout. Now attracting upwards of a thousand of individuals to a single workout, it seems there’s something worthwhile and special about the November Project.

The project now has organizations in cities throughout the country. As the collective becomes a movement, guests at the Boxer can get up early one morning this winter and see where it all began. There’s absolutely something challenging about a Boston winter, especially at 630am, however, that’s what the November Project thrives on. This fitness group, like the city of Boston, embraces the challenge and turns it into something wonderful.