It’s 2018, and one of the best ways to get in touch with the spirit of a new city or destination is to look into its most well-curated digital outposts. From Instagram, to Twitter, to Facebook, these are our favorite local Boston-based social media accounts right now.


Run by Marc Hurwitz, a local food writer who contributes to Dig Boston, Hidden Boston is a blog and social media feed that focuses on the city’s best hidden restaurants. Check out the Instagram for snapshots of delicious bites of fried seafood, slices of pizza, dumplings, and more served at the city’s best kept secrets.


Dig Boston is an alternative newspaper that comes out every week. Bostonians open up this publication for insights into local news, nightlife, music, art, food, and film. Its Instagram and Twitter feeds also give insights into the discoveries and highlights crossing Dig’s desks on a given week.


In a city that’s as passionate about sports as Boston is, it’s important to be tapped into the region’s top sports media hub. The New England Sports Network has a ton of followers on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and consistently populates all of these accounts with content that informs about the city’s professional sports teams.


Usually if you’re in a major American city, it’s a good idea to hop onto Eater’s social media accounts associated with that specific place. Its Boston pages, for instance, are filled with crystal-clear photography of the city’s best dishes with information on the restaurants serving them.


The name isn’t the only awesome thing about this Boston-based Instagram account. All of the photography shared on WickedOldPhotos looks into the history of Boston with depictions of everyday sightings like a Filene’s department store, to old photos of local sports heroes, Boston landmarks and more.