A Tribute to Marilyn Riseman: Boston Fashion Week’s leading lady

marilyn Riseman

Any fashionable Bostonian knows the name Marilyn Riseman, a prominent figure in the Boston fashion scene and at this Year’s Boston Fashion Week they are paying tribute to leading lady Marilyn Riseman, who passed away in March of this year. Boston Fashion Week this year is dedicated to honor and celebrate her memory; designers will leave a seat open at the front row of their shows in honor of her life and spirit.
Fashionable socialite AND party planner Marilyn Riseman’s very appearance screamed fashion, she donned a dark dramatic bob cut and smoky eye make-up at all times. Riseman’s boutique Apogee was located on Newbury Street in the 1960’s and housed nothing but the latest in Parisian fashions. She even had an instrumental hand in helping organize many of Boston Fashion Week’s events including hand selecting which designers would showcase in The Tent.

This year Boston Fashion Week takes place from Sunday October 5 to Saturday October 11th and is one of the most prominent stages for local designers to display their talent to a wider audience. This year we’re particularly excited about THE LAUNCH. The launch is a select group of emerging designers that have been hand selected for their talent. Each designer is a recent graduate from a design program and will show a capsule collection at Boston Fashion Week! This year’s Launch participants include Dominique Quinque, Maryanne Meservey, Jeffrey Dickerson, Chynna Pope and Ty Sinnetyt. The designers aesthetics vary, but rest assured there is something for everyone! We love the eco-friendly style of Maryanne Meservey who loves to “transform something un-wearable into something fashion-forward.” The artistic style of Jeffrey Dickerson radiates creative energy. We can’t wait to see the exciting runway stars from all of these emerging designers at this year’s Boston Fashion Week.


Photo Credit: Warren Photography