In one of the most diverse climates in North America, Massachusetts goes through a lot of bright and exciting changes during this time of year. For those of you planning a trip, take into consideration all of the exciting elements that make Boston a true winter wonderland.

Snow Is A Guarantee

This isn’t one of those destinations where you think you might get to see snow. Every winter we are in for more than a few snowfalls, and usually at least a couple of blizzards. This means making snowmen in the park, exploring city streets blanketed with fresh, white powder, and snuggling up in your hotel bed for a day of hot cocoa and movies.

Ice Skating In The Boston Common

Making the most of the cold winter months, Boston has many enjoyable winter attractions. One of our favorites is the ice skating rink that goes on the Frog Pond every year. Located in the heart of the Boston Common—America’s oldest public park—the rink offers a romantic setting for travelers to enjoy the scenery.

Hot Italian Meals On Cold Nights

Probably because we are located near Boston’s famous North End neighborhood, we love going out to eat for a heartwarming, authentic Italian meal on a cold winter night. Something about the pasta, the wine, and the snow falling outside the window makes for an unforgettable evening. For some guidance, check out our favorite restaurants in the North End.

Sports Are Rocking

Anyone who knows Boston also knows that it’s an unapologetically sports-crazed city. This makes attending any kind of professional game here an experience unlike any other. The winter season is especially fun, with the Boston Celtics and Bruins both playing at the TD Garden near The Boxer Hotel night after night.

Exciting Winter Events

Boston is also a city that offers unique and lively events throughout the year, and the winter season is no different. To find out what’s going on around town during your winter getaway, check out The Boxer Boston Events Calendar.