The Museum of Science in Boston is hands down one of the best places to take your kids in the world. The institution’s prolific programming has built a sizable force of education and interactive technology. Above all else, it’s a fun, entertaining and informative touchstone of Boston culture.

Larger-than-life shows play throughout the day and night in an IMAX theatre, a 4-D cinema with sensory effects like wind and snow, and in the dark dome-shaped Hayden Planetarium. Live presentations for families and students cover a wide range of demonstrations like creating lightning strikes (always a favorite) and recreating classic magic tricks while looking closely at the science behind their execution.

On top of the Boston Museum of Science’s extensive interactive and performance sectors, there’s an entirely other world inside its walls for guests to explore and discover. Permanent exhibits like Colossal Fossil: Triceratops Cliff, one of only four nearly complete Triceratops on display in the world, set the stage for the museum’s impressive collection. The Butterfly Garden offers guests a tropical escape where colorful wings flutter all around, with a gorgeous view of  the Charles River serving as a backdrop through the second story exhibit’s window.

Find out how much you weigh on Mars while waiting in line for a stargazing show in the Planetarium and  play music throughout the lobby on the light-up piano staircase: The list of things to do at the Museum of Science in Boston could go on and on.

Regardless how you enjoy it, just be sure, especially if you have kids, to stop the Museum of Science during your stay in Boston.

For more information on showtimes, current and upcoming exhibits, and a whole lot more, check out the museum’s website here.