Clover Food Lab is a restaurant group with four food trucks and six brick-and-mortar restaurants in Boston and the surrounding area. Using farm-fresh ingredients and focusing on a fast-turnaround, zero-waste system, the menu changes daily offering a short selection curated by season and inventory. In addition to in-house creations, it’s also a destination for locally brewed beer and coffee.


You can find Clover Food Lab trucks in multiple neighborhoods. Guests of the Boxer Boston can conveniently sample some of Clover’s food at the truck that parks daily on the Common, which is just a ten-minute walk from our property.

What to Try

As the menu at Clover Food Lab changes daily, there are no ongoing recommendations to be made here. We will say that they’re regarded for sandwiches and wraps that often come filled with farm-fresh salads accompanied by eggs, falafel or meats.

Fresh drinks and juices ranging from ginger lemonade to rhubarb agua frescas are also readily available to wash down whatever lunch or breakfast you pick up from Clover Food Lab.