For nearly 200 years, Durgin Park has been one of the most popular restaurants in Boston. Serving up hearty steaks, seafood and one of the best bowls of chowda in New England, it’s a can’t-fail spot for a quintessential Massachusetts meal. Red-checkered table cloths, servers who are purposefully nonchalant and a prime spot in Quincy Market all help define this storied restaurant.


Durgin Park is located at Quincy Market, a dining and shopping marketplace surrounded by Downtown Boston, Boston Harbor and the North End. Lunch here can easily be followed by a trip to the New England Aquarium, or Boston Common and Gardens. Durgin Park is also within walking distance of Boston’s Theatre District, making it an easy spot to grab a bite before taking in a show.

What to Try

There’s no question that you should begin your meal at Durgin Park with creamy, dense bowl of clam chowder (its rendition is one that helped make Boston famous for it). Ordering apps for the table, stick with the seafood theme and try the New England Clambake, which comes with chowder, steamers, lobster, corn and potatoes.

Moving to the main course, there are several enticing options. Lunch at Durgin Park is highlighted by a juicy French dip sandwich, and fresh fried clam roll. The move at dinner time is to order up one of the best steaks in Boston, the Roast Prime Rib of Beef Durgin Cut. Those looking for something a little lighter should try the beer battered fish and chips.

Wrapping up your meal at Durgin Park, go All-American and get a hot fudge sundae. The restaurant also does a house-made jello made from house-brewed coffee.