La Summa is one of the many Italian restaurants in Boston’s North End where a quaint dining room, fresh pasta and red brick walls create a charming, unforgettable experience. This is the spot to go if you want to sample the best of the neighborhood’s world-famous Italian food with a no frills menu stocked with classic dishes.


The North End is one of the most romantic neighborhoods you’ll ever visit, with cobblestone streets, red brick buildings, and some of the oldest restaurants in Boston. Even if you skip online research and walk into a random place, it’s sure to serve up authentic Italian food that’s among the best one can find in the States. Located just a half-mile from the Boxer Boston, our guests can take an easy walk to get to La Summa.

What to Try

Begin your meal at La Summa with the bruschetta, which uses crispy house-made bread. The caprese salad is another can’t-fail starter.

Moving to the main course at La Summa, it’s nearly impossible to choose between a pasta or specialty dish, so if you’re dining with two, order both and share. When it comes to noodles, the best way to go here is the pasta alfredo, which comes in a thick cream sauce and salty little bits of prosciutto mixed in. Our favorite non-pasta entree at La Summa has to be the Vitello Speciale, which comes with lightly breaded veal or chicken stacked on Italian ham and mozzarella and served with mushrooms in a wine reduction.