Bar Near TD Garden

The Boxer Boston is now offering a unique and savory combination of bourbon flights and burgers at its signature modern American restaurant Finch. Created to offer diners a well-rounded sampling of fine bourbon, the flavors were designed to play off notes from the barrels and casting of the locally distilled bourbon for a meal that is unmatched in Boston.

‘Finch now serves two different sets of flights, with each pour containing 1.25 ounces of carefully selected whiskey.

Crafty 101 ($48) includes:

  •     Uprising: The American single whiskey distilled from a stout beer uses classic American ale yeast and traditional stout malts.
  •     Koval: This style of white whiskey contains peppery and floral notes, and has historical roots — George Washington made it in his Virginia distillery back in 1797.
  •     Redemption Rye: 95% rye-aged in charred new oak barrels, this whiskey brings back the feisty spirit at a bold 92-proof.
  •     WhistlePig: Sourced from WhistlePig farm in Storeham, VT, this whiskey contains a variety of notes including almond, vanilla, bitter dark chocolate, fresh mint leaves and honey oats.

Not for Novices ($58) includes:

  •     Hudson Corn: An unmatched indulgence, this whiskey is compellingly silky, smooth and creamy yet clean, perfect simply chilled or for recreating the classic Manhattan.
  •     Journeymen: A mix of rye and wheat, Journeymen is matured in new, white oak-charred, 15-gallon barrels for the best balance of flavor.
  •     Woodford Reserve: Appearing in clean, honey amber, this whiskey is rich with complex citrus, cinnamon and cocoa flavors for a silky smooth finish.
  •     Hillrock: Dubbed as the world’s first “solera”-aged bourbon, a system where small portions of whiskey are periodically removed and new whiskey is added, the result is this caramel, fruity whiskey with an elegant floral note.